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An Introduction to Chinese Dry Persimmon Sticks

Through careful analysis, we found that dry persimmon stick is the least popular dry fruits among foreign markets. We are wondering why customers do not like them. We found answer by searching internet, although persimmon trees are planted all over the world, however, not every persimmon tastes as delicious as persimmon in China, so does dry persimmon stick.

Typical Dry Persimmon in China

No matter the fresh persimmon or dry persimmon sticks are well received in China, and we do think it is a great pity that people do not want to buy it just because you do not know them well. Dry persimmon sticks contain rich and high value nutrition. Vitamin and sugars in dry persimmon is 1-2 times higher than other fruits, so there is not extra sugar in persimmon. Given that one person has a persimmon per day, the vitamin C he takes is half of a human needs.

China is the birthplace of persimmon, that is one of unique advantages we can produce the best dry persimmon sticks in the world. if you are interested in our products, please contact us.