Dry Goji Berries

Goji Berries are also known as wolfberry, and a native fruit of southeastern China. Modern research indicates that dry goji berries has outstanding effect on reducing blood sugar, anti fatty liver and anti-atherosclerosis. Dry goji berries is widely used soup, juice and dishes such recipes. Especially chicken soup or fish soup with dry goji berries is good for pregnant women and patients. The dry goji berries is especially good for women during the period. Dry goji berries is also one valuable traditional Chinese medicine, and plays a vital role in modern medical system.

Nutrition Facts (Serving Size 30g) Amount per Serving

• Calories 112  from Fat 0 • Total Fat 1.5g • Saturated Fat 0g • Trans Fat 0mg
• Cholesterol 0mg • Sodium 84mg • Total carbohydrate 19g • Dietary Fiber 2g
• Sugars 15g • Protein 4g • Vitamin A 170%   Calcium 6% • Vitamin C 20%   Iron 12%

Dry Goji Berries Dry Goji Berries

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Sizes: 220 berries/50g, 280berries/50g, 350 berries/50g, 500 berries/50g, 700 berries/50g;
SO2: 40 ppm max;
Moisture: 15% max;
Broken berries: 1% max.
Origin: Ningxia, China
Packing: in 25 kg carton inners with food-grade poly bags .

Goji Berries in History and Cuisine!

With a history of at least 1,700 years, goji berries first used by the Tibetans in China. Since then dry goji berries have become a staple not only in eastern cuisine, but also in eastern medicine. Goji berries also known as wolf berries, it is regarded as the fruit of immortality.

In addition, goji berries are considered the world’s most powerful anti-aging food. That is one reason why ladies prefer goji juice than any others. Dry goji berries is wonderful to make soup, especially go with chicken for women who deliver baby. Dry goji berries have a mild sweetness and are slightly chewy. Add them to your tea, they are going to make a soothing drink.