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An Introduction to Green Raisins for You

Green Raisins for Sale

Green raisins are widely acknowledged for the high amount of fiber they give to people. They are also endowed with antioxidants which ensure that your body stays healthy and clean at all times. They carry 70% fructose and this means your body can easily convert this into energy. It contains certain types of Vitamin B, in addition to calcium, potassium and iron. They are mostly recommended for children as well as sportspeople, especially athletes interested in reenergizing their bodies quickly.

Nearly 4.1% of green raisins are made up of protein, while the remaining 1.8% will give you fats. In summary, whenever you consume green raisins, your body will receive protein, fats and carbohydrates. You will get close to 100 calories when you take green raisins. They are totally free of both cholesterol and fats. The amount of sodium in green raisins is also very low. Essential vitamins and a number of minerals are a few of the benefits you should look forward to whenever you partake green raisins.