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Dry Quartered Apples Nutrition Facts

There is an old saying in western countries that one apple a day keeps doctor away. Due to the scientist’s research on apples: people who eat 75 grams of apple each day would reduce the bad cholesterol by 25 percent and increase the good cholesterol. Apple contains more pectin than other fruits and can balance the intestine colony which can prevents and treats diarrhea. It is known to people of apple nutrition and benefits, so apple products are also popular in the whole world. Dry quartered apple is one of them, from the literal meaning you can see that each apple can be made into four dry quartered apples. It is not difficult making at home.

Dry Quartered Apples for Sale

Everyone knows that Steve Jobs named his company APPLE for a long time ago and died of cancer, maybe it’s because he didn’t eat enough, he only take one bite! OK, that’s a joke, personally I respect this genius IT leader and the only reason I can think of why this happened to him is that god is Jealousy of him and need him in the heaven. After all, apple is an appropriate fruit for most people with different health conditions, but sometimes our body need the nutrition while we feel so cold and a cold apple is clearly off the food list. In this case, I say try dry quartered apple if you haven’t had any yet, it retains some of the apple flavor with soft mouthfeel and little nutritional contents loss, you can make some by yourself or buy some for contingencies, after all, it is more easy to preserve than the fresh apple.