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Green Raisins Nutrition Facts Brief Introduction

Green raisins from AGICO are a very good snack for winter. Green raisins are produced in Xinjiang province, which is the best place for nurturing green raisins thanks to its unique weather (the large temperature fall between the day and night). One taste, you can distinguish the natural dried green raisins from the man processed. That is one reason why green raisins from Xinjiang are more expensive than usual one. Natural dried green raisins possess better dryness, taste and color as well as high nutritional values as the follows:

Green Raisins for Sale

Green raisin is rich in iron and calcium, women and children who have got the anemia can benefit from it.

Glucose contained in it is good for the myocardium, and it also contains many kinds of minerals, vitamins and amino acid.

People who feels stressed out or under big pressure can feel released after having some raisin.

Raisin can take place of the chewing gum. Many people have the worry that the high sugar content value is bad for the teeth, while there are certain kind of chemicals that can inhabit the growth of the bacteria in the mouth.

According to a research, sucrose is the kind of sugar that can cause teeth problems, and raisin doesn’t contain such content.